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Review van Basic Fit Hoofdkantoor op de “Healthy Catering”!

Review van Basic Fit Hoofdkantoor op de “Healthy Catering”!

Review van de Strategic Projects Manager

I was referred to Annemieke by a colleague who knew that I was looking for healthy catering options for a meeting that I was coordinating.  We had a very intense agenda that was spread across 2 days.  It was critical that everyone in the meeting stay engaged for the entire time. 

This was our first-time hosting this group, for the past 2 years the meetings had been held in Berlin and they were always a 2-day sugar roller coaster.  Sweets by the coffee, a very large, unhealthy lunch and chocolate in the afternoon. By 14.00 everyone was checked out and almost asleep.

Since I could exercise my influence as a host, I decided we would take a different approach.  Annemieke was the perfect solution. She served us lunch and 2 snacks (one morning and one afternoon) for 2 days.

Everything she served was delicious, healthy and light.  It was perfect, from the very first snack people complimenting the food.  There wasn’t a piece of bread or cookie in sight for 2 days and we had the most productive meeting ever.  The menu was diverse enough to have options for everyone.  People were coming from all over the office to check out our catering.

We enjoyed everything!  I would totally recommend Annemieke to anyone considering her for catering AND I will definitely work with her again!


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–> Inmiddels ben ik alweer 4x terug gevraagd!

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